dana miller photography

a theory of all things
end of the line
second nature
on the way



general artist statement

I am drawn to the seductive and surreal qualities of nature, especially in relation to culture. I am interested in how we relate to nature, how we try to shape and contain it, and its ability to grow wild despite our best attempts to confine it. I use photography to explore how these layers of both wildness and containment develop in the landscape, whether urban, suburban, or exurban.

a theory of all things

The title of this project refers to the Theory of Everything which is, as I understand it, a theory in physics that explains and links together all known physical forces in nature. Almost all of my work deals with nature in some way, and for this series I decided to examine the landscape at close range. The camera sees things that I can't see, especially up close, and anomalies and phenomena occur that I can't explain or imagine. The landscape that I already think of as beautiful becomes transformed by the lens into something more mysterious and disorienting. I find myself thinking about the make up of life and think of these pictures as proofs of my decidedly unscientific search for a Theory of Everything.

end of the line

For End of the Line, I set out to explore the wilds of New York. I used the linear structure of the subway system as a framework for looking at the transitional spaces surrounding the last stops on all of the subway lines, both at the outer edges as well as those in the heart of the city. The photographs investigate these in-between spaces, visibly layered with the tension between – and the melding of – nature and culture.